confident high school girl ~ outdoor portraits {SF East Bay senior photography}

This confident high school senior was a delight to photograph. She was at ease in front of the camera and excited about posing in different locations as we explored our outdoor site. Tulips were in full bloom on this gorgeous spring day. Couldn't have asked for a more scenic location for an outdoor senior photo session!  Read her mom's senior portrait session review on the Raves page. 

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Stylish Athenian Graduate ~ Senior Session in Spring {Danville High School Photography}

This high school senior is amazing! With self confidence and a great fashion sense, she arrived ready for our outdoor photo shoot on The Athenian School's multiple acre campus. We started with her adorable fluffy companion and concluded our session as the sun was setting behind the mountains and Oak trees. As a former Athenian art teacher, it is always so much fun to return to this gorgeous school campus to create beautiful senior portraits.  This graduate was a joy to work: excited to experiment with different backgrounds, a great sense of humor and an incredibly quick outfit changer! I just adore her sense of style. She is headed off to do incredible things at college next year and beyond.

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Cal High graduate~Downtown Danville photo session {East Bay senior portrait photographer}

This ambitious Cal High graduate was excited to explore Downtown Danville for her senior photo session. She was determined to show her serious side, but the more we walked around, the more she showed her true smile. It was a beautiful sunny afternoon, with a gorgeous sunset as the lights came on in local businesses. The perfect setting for a senior photo shoot. Check out what her mom's senior portrait review..

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Glamorous high school graduate ~ outdoor shoot in the city {San Francisco Bay Area senior portraits}

I had a fantastic time photographing this captivating high school graduate for her senior portrait session. She was so comfortable in front of the camera. We discovered some great locations as we walked around the city for this fun photo shoot. This senior showed off her playful, serious and glamorous sides. I was impressed to learn that she will be graduating with both her high school diploma and an Associate degree from her local community collage. 

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Classy high school graduate~exploring the city {San Francisco Bay Area Senior Photographer}

This classy high school student was ready to have some fun during her urban senior photo shoot. We chose a busy city neighborhood, and she had a great time posing for her pictures. Her confidence shines through in her senior portraits. This graduate is ready to take on the world!

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Radiant High School Senior~ Fall photos {San Francisco East Bay portrait photography}

This high school graduate has a natural glow! A bit shy at first, she grew more comfortable posing for the camera as we moved through our outdoor site. She was a delight to work with, and by the time we were finished, I think she felt ready to start her modeling career! 

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High School Senior~fun urban photo shoot {San Francisco Bay Area portrait photographer}

This high school graduate was a joy to work with. She was comfortable in front of the camera and effortlessly moved through our senior portrait session. We explored our urban location on an overcast day and she was full of life. And I am so jealous of her long hair, which I have been trying to grow my entire life with no success! This senior has great things ahead of her!

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Stunning High School Girl~outdoor urban shoot at dusk {Danville Senior Portraits}

This photo shoot was unique because we photographed just as the lights came on in the neighborhood. This stunning high school senior was determined to put on a serious face for her photos, but deep down she is a delightful, fun-loving girl. We even had the paparazzi following us for part of the session because they thought for sure she was a movie star! 

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Easy-Going graduate~San Ramon Valley High School {Danville Senior Photography}

This laid-back high school senior is almost ready to graduate! He was so relaxed during our photo shoot and so much fun to work with. We played with light and shadows, and he had some ideas of his own for his senior portrait session. But I suspect that he really would rather have been riding his skateboard! With such an easy-going presence, I know he will go on to exciting things after graduation! Check out his senior portrait review on the Raves page.

Learn more from his Google review.

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Charismatic high school graduate~Exploring The Athenian School {Danville Senior Portrait Photographer}

This high school senior is incredibly charismatic and fun-loving. With her beautiful smile and easy going personality, she made my senior portrait photography job super easy! After so many years at Athenian's campus, she was excited to document her last year before saying goodbye and heading off to college. We explored different locations, saw a family of deer, attempted tree climbing and were even joined by her Australian sheepdog and her dad for the end of the photo shoot

You can read her YELP review or check out senior portrait review on the Raves page to learn more about our time together.

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